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What do I need to know about my newborn photo shoot? | Newborn & Baby Photographer | Colchester, Essex
Oct 02, 2018

When booking time for something so personal as a photographer, you don’t want to walk in with any worries or concerns of the unknown.  It should be a completely relaxed, calm and even fun experience!  Our time together is to capture the natural beauty of your wonderful new baby, I want you to feel at ease throughout, not just when you walk through the door, but from this moment.  I am a mum myself, and I am just one of those women at that you would meet at the baby groups (…obviously think of the nice ones please!).  I have put together some information to help you to prepare for your session, to make you feel more comfortable.  If there is anything else that you wanted to chat through then please drop me a note or pick up the phone and give me a call.

How can you attend a photoshoot with your newborn when you can’t find time to brush your hair?

Newborn babies are so precious, and that time after your baby arrives is one of the most wonderful, exhausting and frankly weird times that you will experience.  We are handed this tiny, fragile thing in the hospital and less than 24 hours later, for most of us, are told to go home – without an instruction manual, without a licence, without a mandatory training course.  You just muddle through, and do the best that you can – its all that we all do – and your best is good enough.

It is a time when you lurch from one feed to the next and from one nappy to the next, and there are a lot of both of those things.  You breathe during the luxurious long sleeps.  Your hair will be unwashed, your clothes will have milk stains and your soul will feel exhausted and joyous in equal measure.  I will expect to see you just as you are when the time comes for your newborn’s photos.  I still have times like that this now – 18 months later!!  I’m not proud or judgemental – I’ve been through it and have total empathy for where you are (or will be!!).

My studio is a home set up during this phase of my business, this means that all of the home comforts will be available if we need them.  You are more than welcome to use the microwave, changing table, even the bath if you need to.

When should you book for a newborn photoshoot?

Newborn photos are widely considered to be best taken during the first two weeks of life, when baby is still super sleepy and posable.  I’m not so keen on very posed images, I prefer babies to be in natural positions, and with little editing, but it is a good to be able to capture those sleepy moments so early on in life – they will never look this way again.  We can of course book for when baby is a little older if you are more comfortable with that, but we might miss out on those super sleepy shots.

How will your newborn be positioned?

We can get baby into position together, or you or I can individually depending on your preference.  This is your time with your baby, I will be led by you.  I will only book one newborn shoot per day so we will have as much time as we need to capture the images.  We can break for feeding, changing, cups of tea, whatever we need to keep the time relaxed for everyone.  This time in your life will be challenging enough, your time in my home studio will be as stress free as possible.

When should you book?

Please book if you are able to as you enter the third trimester (or sooner if you’re super keen!), and book for within two weeks of your expected due date.  A deposit is payable on booking to hold your slot, but this will be offset against the final cost.  If baby doesn’t arrive on time, or you would like to move the booking date for another reason then this won’t affect your deposit – I will find a way to book you in.  Childbirth is anything but predictable!

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