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What do I need to know about my baby’s photo shoot? | Newborn & Baby Photographer | Colchester, Essex
Oct 16, 2018

The first thing that I really want to share with you is – don’t worry!  Your baby is probably like mine – loud, busy, and doesn’t listen to commands.  It doesn’t matter.  We can work as a team and get images that you will treasure.

What age should my baby be for the photoshoot?

I currently work from newborn (covered in a different section of my website), through sitting, and up to the age of one.  I don’t have the space in my current location (our family home) to happily accommodate babies older than one year old, although this may change if I reconfigure the space.

What clothes should my baby wear for the photoshoot?

My style of photography is to create very simple and clean images, using a plain background without props.  Clothing in block colours in gentle, muted tones is more in keeping with the style than highly patterned and brightly coloured outfits.  Clothes with texture add interest but are not essential.

It is better to steer clear of clothing with text and logos as they are very distracting in the final image – if a t-shirt has words, then it is human nature to read it instead of look at your baby’s beautiful face.

It is worth bringing along a selection of clothes / outfits and accessories to chose from – we might want to make changes as we go along.  As well as giving us choices, babies can be unpredictable and a clothing change might turn out to be essential.

What else should we bring?

I there are any keepsakes or special mementos that you would like in your photographs then please bring them with you.  However, I would appreciate you letting me know in advance, so that I can consider how best to place them.  Baby’s favourite toy(s) might also be good to have around to encourage them to relax.

I am not a family photographer, but it might be worth you considering your own clothing, and at least bringing a black AND a white or grey top and a hair brush just in case you jump in front of the camera.  If baby is very shy, then it can help to have cuddles  while I take photos – we don’t want to waste any opportunity to capture images.

Bring with you any drinks, snacks, comforters, nappies and anything else that you might usually take on a trip out.  My studio is in our family home so we do have some things here if you forget anything, but our goal is for your baby to be as comfortable as possible,  which means a full tummy and a favourite teddy.

What time should I book for?

You know your baby best – when are they the most happy and relaxed?  A photoshoot could take up to an hour, or an hour and a half depending on what we’re doing.  To make the most of the time, baby should be content – well rested and well fed.  When booking – try to book in for a time when they won’t be super tired.  On the day, please keep in touch if you’re worried about the timings (babies can be unpredictable, as I think I’ve said before!).

What will happen during our photoshoot?

During your time with me we will spend the first ten minutes having a chat and getting set up.  In this time you might want to top up the little one with milk or arrange clothing.

Once we’re all ready to go – we will pop baby in position and begin the photoshoot.  It is useful if two adults come along, one can stay close to baby for reassurance and support – and the other one could help to direct baby’s attention to the camera.

We would usually do two set ups – one white backdrop and one black to capture a different feel in the images.  While I am changing the set up you could take the opportunity to change baby’s nappy, clothing or give a quick milk top-up.

The last ten minutes we will have a chat about what happens next, and the types of products that you might want to receive to display your final images.

What will happen after our photoshoot?

Directly after the photoshoot we will of had a conversation about what you would like to do with your final images, what kinds of products you would like to purchase, what kind of image sizes you would like to receive.  I will then spend time to edit your images for your gallery.  It is important to note that this will only be an initial edit and not the final result.  The initial gallery will be with you within a week of your shoot.

I will email you the link to your private gallery where you can view and select which images you would like to purchase, at this point you could also add comments to the online gallery to let me know which specific image you would like in which size.  If however, at this point you are unhappy with the images, then I will provide a refund under my guarantee.  If you are happy, I will work on the final edit on the images you have selected.  I will email you directly the link to your final images following the edit.  This will be within two weeks of my receipt of your selections.

If you have chosen to have printed products, then these will be delivered after your digital files, I like you to have the digital files as soon as they are ready.  The printed products will usually arrive within seven days of the final images being completed.

If you have any special requirements then please let me know.

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