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ON LOCATION: Out in the Wilderness | Newborn & Baby Photographer | Colchester, Essex
Mar 29, 2019

This week I have been out shooting in natural light for a little sunset session.  We literally just went to a local field - just scrub land - and found a spot where the light was workable.  

It felt so nice to be out in the crisp spring air, even though it was getting a little late for our model.  Sunset is often referred to 'the witching hour' by owners of toddlers - and for good reason!  Despite this we managed to get some lovely shots, and even managed to capture a few smiles.  

If you don't have a smile, I'll give you one of mine

Everyone wants smiling photos of their children, but some children just aren't smilers - particularly in strange environments and with strange people.  I will try my very best to find the smiles in your little ones, I have a few tricks and bribery isn't below me!  I also really love the non smiling photos too though.  Ultimately, you will want to remember the thinking face, the frowny face and the far-away stare as much as the smiley one - particularly if it is their nature.  

Not all who wander are lost (J.R.R.Tolkein)

I'd like to find some more locations in the area to shoot in - it is a challenge when you have only lived somewhere for a short while.  If you know of anywhere that might make an interesting backdrop then please do let me know!  Otherwise I will keep exploring, there is certainly no shortage of different landscapes to check out locally, we're very lucky to live in a town that has so much inside and around it.  This weekend I'm hoping to explore the arboretum - if we can manage to wrestle the child out of the door and into the car at witching hour!! x 

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