My approach to family photography | Newborn & Baby Photographer | Colchester, Essex
Jan 31, 2019

Family is everything

My initial business plan was purely to focus on babies - I love crafting beautiful images of our cutest members of society.  However, in almost every baby shoot that I do, I end up making a number of images incorporating at least mummy and daddy, if not siblings too.  Sometimes to keep baby happy, sometimes on request, and sometimes just because it feels natural.  I see now that the baby is made of the family, and the family completed by the baby - it makes perfect sense to capture this special relationship.  

Blood doesn't make a family, love does

I absolutely believe that a family is built on love - and that nothing else is as important.  It is the love that I try to capture in my images, those natural emotions.  The soft eyes from mother to baby, from father to mother.  The gentle touches of support.  The laughter of jokes that really only you all get.  In front of the camera, as in real life, it doesn't matter what kind of family you are, it's the bond that will shine through.   

A same sex family is still a family

If there is love, there is love.  There is not much else that needs to be said.

In essence, I try to make my photo sessions relaxing and fun for everyone.  I will try to place you all into a position that will look pleasing in the final result, but I am not super keen on highly posed images - I prefer to find the natural moments of connection if I can.  I am also open to suggestions, so you are welcome to come with your own ideas of how you would like your images to look.  

I hope to produce simple and clean images of your babies and your family together, and to give you happy memories of the time that the photos were taken so that you can treasure them forever.  x

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