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How to incorporate heirlooms into your photos | Newborn & Baby Photographer | Colchester, Essex
Jan 17, 2019

The most treasured heirlooms are the sweet memories of family

My style of photography is very simple, very clean and clutter free.  I don't like too much going on in an image - I find the space to breath and to focus on my subject relaxing.  

That being said, family heirlooms added into an image can lift the emotional connection to the piece and help to make the image itself an heirloom for the future.  

Treasure the little things

Family heirlooms can take many guises, and there are many different ways to build them into images.  In our initial conversations before the photoshoot we can discuss your ideas and work up a plan of how to incorporate your treasured memories.  

Hand made blankets and items of jewellery or rosary beads can  be incorporated to produce some classic imagery.  Blankets could be used as a wrap, or to sit on, or to cover a little ones head.  Rosary beads and strings of pearls are brilliant for little fingers to explore, and also help to produce some wonderful focussed expressions.  Smaller items of jewellery, like engagement rings for example, could simply just be worn.  They will naturally be present in any family shots, or we can take some close up shots of hands holding the baby (for example), to really include the ring as a focal point within the photo.  

Other items can also be built in (some easier than others) - baptism candles can be easily held by little hands and can be fascinating if seen for the first time.  The easiest is of course items of clothing, passed down the generations - little hand-knitted hats or christening gowns will add another dimension to the final image.    

Family. A link to the past, a bridge to the future

Heirlooms are a families direct connection to their past.  They hold memories and stories of days gone by.  Including these within your images will ensure that this connection is carried forwards into the future.  Creating new memories, captured for history.  x

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