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5 Gifts that every mother will love | Newborn & Baby Photographer | Colchester, Essex
Mar 18, 2019

Mother's Day is fast approaching (Sunday 31st March if you didn't know!), it's time to think about gifts for the wonderful mothers in your life.  

1 - Desk Print

Most mothers these days sadly have to return to work in order to make ends meet, and also many still enjoy their careers.  Being away from the little one and at work can generate some mixed feelings - the joy of having some freedom (finally she can pee in peace!!) - but also the ache of missing that little cute face staring up them.  A beautifully framed print of their child for their desk is the perfect gift.  

2 - Framed photo and art print

Why not do something a little different - purchase a framed photo of their child but incorporate hand and foot prints too!  Then as time passes she can see how her littlest love has grown.  In my upcoming 'The Artist' edit we could create a unique piece of art for you.  

3 - Canvas of everyone

Grandmothers are the ultimate mother and are open to being spoiled!  Why not commission a canvas print to include all of the grandchildren?  ...or the CHILDREN (you!) and the grandchildren together.  I'd be willing to bet that she doesn't currently have a decent photo of you all together, and she would love it!

4 - Signing Book

Whilst you are getting images of all the family for grandmother, you could also pop the images into a photo book - leaving space for the children and grandchildren to write notes on favourite memories, words to remember or simply to say how wonderful their grandmother is!  

5 - Lifestyle Folio Album

You could get her a small album of just two or three photos - choose the images that represent the love and connection to her as a mother.  Maybe these could be images of her and her little ones together, or just of the babies individually - either way, she'll love it!

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